Cavani Anger Still “Send the referee to jail to punish me”

Reporter Cho Yong-woon = Uruguay striker Edinson Cavani (36, Valencia), who was knocked out in the group stage of the 2022 Qatar World Cup by Korea, still has not swallowed his anger in the final match with Ghana.

Uruguay defeated Ghana 2-0 in the final Group H match of the World Cup group stage held in December of last year.

Cavani believes the referee’s decision prevented Uruguay from scoring more goals. At the end of the game, he claimed that the scene where he tripped over a Ghanaian defender in the opponent’s penalty box was a penalty kick. In addition to this scene, I think the foul scene obtained by Darwin Nunez in the 12th minute of the second half is also a penalty kick. The referee even reviewed the video (VAR) for this, but did not declare a penalty kick. 바카라사이트

Perhaps the Uruguayan players approached the referees after the game and protested loudly and threatened them. Cavani knocked over the VAR monitor with his fist as he exited the arena. Jose Jimenez followed the referees and even hit them with his elbow.

Even after a month or so, Cavani still can’t forget how he got eliminated. On the 11th (Korean time), through the Spanish media ‘El Larguero’, “If I get punished for hitting the VAR monitor, the referee who eliminated us will definitely go to jail. Even with such equipment, he made a mistake.” He raised his voice.

Meanwhile, the International Football Federation (FIFA) disciplinary committee investigated the behavior of Cavani, Jimenez, Fernando Muslera and Diego Godin after the match against Ghana. The level of punishment has not yet been released.

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