‘Busan Captain’ Lee Han-do “The goal is to win and then be promoted… I’m really confident”

K-League 2 Busan I-Park “Captain” Lee Han-do exuded confidence, saying that he was promoted to the first division after winning the new season as his goal.

Born in 1994, defender Lee Han-do made his professional debut at Jeonbuk Hyundai in 2016 and blossomed his talent after moving to Gwangju in 2017. He played 118 games in 5 seasons until the 2021 season.

He moved to Suwon Samsung ahead of last season, and was even selected as the Deutsche Motors MVP in April after receiving enthusiastic support from Suwon fans. As manager Park Jin-seop took over the Busan helm last summer, Lee Han-do also left for Busan.

During his time in Gwangju, he wore a Busan uniform following the gift that nurtured his talent and played an active role as a main defender. After captain Park Jong-woo left due to injury, he led the team as the actual captain.

This season, he became the official captain. Busan appointed Lee Han-do as the official captain when announcing a new captain for the 2023 season on the 7th of last month.

Lee Han-do, who attended the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp interview held at Songjeong Hotel in Busan on the 9th, talked about his responsibility as a captain and his goals for the new season. “I’ve been vice-captain a few times. At that time, I only thought I had to help the captain. Now that I’m really a captain, I have a lot to think about. I’m trying to prepare more diligently,” he added. Currently, there are many young players in their 2nd or 3rd year in Busan. At the coach press conference earlier, coach Park Jin-seop also emphasized the role of the captain and senior players.

Lee Han-do said, “Last season as captain, I definitely felt the weight of being captain. Of course, on days I lost, I felt my responsibility, but especially in games where I wore the captain’s armband and the results were bad, it came closer. I was very upset and hard.” I looked back on last year. 먹튀검증

Regarding this, Lee Han-do said, “I know this well because I had a time when I was a young player. It’s great when it’s good, but it’s important to deal with it when it’s difficult or when the team atmosphere is down. He said, “(Park) Jong-woo hyung, vice-captain (Jung) Won-jin, and (Kwon) Hyuk-kyu are there, and I will lead them with their help.”

He also showed confidence in the new season.

Lee Han-do confidently said, “The goal is to win. I will win and be promoted.” He said, “The players returned without major injuries. It was the most well-prepared winter training. If you prepare in time for the opening match, you will be able to show a really good image. I have the same confidence,” he said.

He continued, “The intensity of training, and there were no injured people. There were many opportunities to keep pace with various players, so I gained that confidence. It is true that I am still lacking tactically, but when I actually played practice games, I showed confidence in those parts. I think it will come closer,” he added.

Lee Han-do promised, “Last year’s performance was poor, so the fans must have had a hard time. This year, I prepared really hard. My mindset and team spirit have changed, so if you come and support me, I will repay you with good results.”

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