Bucheon Kaz, impressed by a cup of summer coffee, and the warm scenery of the battles of Bucheon-Incheon

Japanese midfielder Kaz, who belongs to Bucheon FC, talked about an anecdote with Incheon United midfielder Yeoreum whom he met at the winter training camp and thanked the fans.

Kaz, who is expected to play an active part in the Bucheon midfield from the upcoming 2023 season, mentioned Incheon midfielder Summer and memories through social media on the 1st in Korean, English and Japanese.

After Kaz explained, “I’m staying at the same hotel as Incheon during training,” he said, “Today, about 10 Incheon players were ordering coffee in front of me. He even said his name and asked. Before that, we had never talked to each other or had no one-on-one relationship.” 스포츠토토

He then showed his gratitude to Yeoreum, saying, “He bought me coffee with just one word, ‘because he’s a soccer colleague.’ I’ve come to have a lot of respect for him. I want to cheer him on in the future.” Kaz and Summer are unlikely to meet each other on the pitch because they belong to different leagues, but it seems to be one of the unforgettable winter training memories for Kaz.

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