‘Blocking 10-3 overwhelm’ Trentino wins CH 1st leg at home

Trentino won the series in front of a packed crowd of home fans.

ETAS Trentino (hereafter Trentino) beat Coucin Rouve Civitanova (hereafter Roubaix) with a set score of 3-1 (25-23, 23) in the first leg of the 2022 Italian Superliga Men’s Championship held in Trento, Italy on the 1st local time. -25, 25-23, 25-17) and took the first win. The power of height stood out. He took a huge 10-3 lead in blocking and laughed at every decisive moment. Alessandro Micheletto-Matei Kazysky’s twins led Trentino’s attack together and destroyed Roubaix, where Aleksandar Nicolov was struggling.

Trentino starts with Matei Caziski (OP), Alessandro Micheletto (OH), Srecco Lisignac (MB), Ricardo Sbertoli (S), Daniele Labia (OH), Marco Podrascanin (MB), Gabriele Lorenzano (L) was put in. Against this, Roubaix is ​​Ivan Zaitsev (OP), Aleksandar Nicolov (OH), Simone Anzani (MB), Luciano de Czecho (S), Marlon Jant Herrera (OH), Barthelemy Chinenje (MB), Fabio Balaso. (L) was selected as a starting point.

Trentino happily opened the first set with Micheletto’s serve. Trentino, who added a serve score to Sbertoli, succeeded in bringing the atmosphere at the beginning of the set, and in 10-8, Nikolov’s diagonal attack was caught off the sideline by video review and continued to build momentum.

Trentino continued to hold a 2-3 point lead. In particular, the performance of Podrascanin in the middle of the set shone. In 14-12, Zaitsev’s attack was blocked, and in 16-13, Nikolov’s push was blocked and roared. After 20 points, Roubaix pursued to 21-22 with Kazyski’s offense and Nicolov’s goal, and attempted a final counterattack by tying the score at 23-23 with Anjani’s serve. However, the duo of Micheletto and Labia calmed Rube with consecutive goals, and Trentino took the first set 25-23.

From the beginning of the second set, the veterans of both teams showed off their skill. Roubaix was led by Zaychev and Trentino by Kazysky. Both teams suffered from frequent mistakes and could hardly get out first, and continued a tight one-point game with good defense and effective blocks exchanging in the early to mid-10s. It was at 14-13 that the balance of the one-point match was broken. Sbertoli’s serve shook Yant’s receive, and Kazysky connected it with a direct attack, finally widening the score by 2 points.

However, in an advantageous situation, Svertoli and Labia’s breathing was rapidly shaken. The two pipes matched at 18-16 both missed and allowed a tie again. Seizing the opportunity, Roubaix succeeded in turning the ball 20-19 with Nikolov’s serve, and completely stole the flow by overlapping Kazysky’s mistake. One-point server Donovan Zavoronok served as well, and Roubaix succeeded in counterattacking by 25-23 with Nikoloff responsible for the 25th point.

Facing the 3rd set with a 1-1 match, both teams did their best not to be pushed back in the momentum fight. It was Rube who was a little bit ahead of me. With De Czechi’s colorful game management, he kept a close lead of 1-2 points. However, Trentino immediately counterattacked with the heights of Podraskanin and Labia, catching De Czecho’s touch on the net via video review, again obscuring the direction of the set.크크크벳

The joys and sorrows of the two teams, which continued a fierce game by exchanging reversals and reversals, were divided in the 20-point range. At 22-22, Trentino created a chance with Sbertoli’s strong serve, and Kazyski did not miss the opportunity to reach the 23rd first. Kazysky showed the dignity of a veteran by taking responsibility for the 24th point with his own hands. Trentino won the third set 25-23 with Zavoronok managing to break through three blocks from 24-23.

In the fourth set, the two teams faced off fiercely. However, Trentino players, who won two sets first, seemed a little more relaxed. At 6-6, Micheletto’s near-stunning open handling was a scene that showed how good Trentino was riding. Meanwhile, Zaitsev, who was hit in the face by Ford Laskanin’s quick attack, raised his middle finger with a playful look when Ford Laskanin raised his hand to apologize, drawing laughter from the onlookers.

Trentino, who began to take the lead thanks to clever attacks from Kazisky and Micheletto, widened the score to 16-13 with Podrascanin’s direct attack. Trentino gradually solidified his winning streak by combining Micheletto’s exciting goals and Zaitsev’s offense, and Kazyski’s serve scored the first 20 points. On the other hand, Rube’s defeat deepened as even Nicolov, who led the attack, made a mistake. In the end, Trentino won the series 1 victory by winning the fourth set 25-17 with Gabriel Garcia’s serve.

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