‘Becoming complete’ Golden State, Stephen Curry likely to return to Phoenix ↑

Stephen Curry returns to the court.

Golden State is currently in a bad situation with two straight losses. Although they boasted an extremely strong win rate at home this season, they fell into a losing streak against Detroit and Orlando, which are considered somewhat underdogs in the last two games. 

A player who will save Golden State from crisis returns to the court. That’s Stephen Curry. Curry is highly likely to play in the game against Phoenix scheduled for the 11th 토토

Curry is averaging 30.0 points, 6.8 assists and 6.6 rebounds this season. However, he suffered a shoulder injury during a game against Indiana on December 15 and has been absent. 

In 11 games without Curry, Golden State went 6-5. They enjoyed the benefits of the 8-game home schedule and recorded 5 consecutive wins, but they are in a situation where they are in a slump again recently. For such Golden State, Curry’s joining is a thousand forces. 

Golden State, which recently returned to Andrew Wiggins, also returned to Curry and became fully equipped. Since Golden State is leaving for a 5-game road trip after the Phoenix game, it is in desperate need of escaping from a losing streak. It remains to be seen whether Curry, who is likely to make a comeback, can save Golden State. 

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