‘Age is just a number’ Tie game, dramatic comeback, 20-year-old catcher’s scary hit, ‘I smile because of Min Ho’

‘Age is no barrier’ As the most experienced catcher in the game in his 20th year, Kang Min-ho’s baseball skills are still not inferior to those of his younger counterparts. On the contrary, he is an indispensable part of the team.

From the tying run to the game-winning hit late in the game, the league’s most experienced catcher gave a thumbs-up to Kang Min-ho’s clutch ability.

Samsung returned to Daegu after a three-game series against KIA in Pohang last week. LG, on a seven-game winning streak and looking to solidify its position atop the standings. The first game of the weekend’s three-game series between last-place Samsung and first-place LG took place at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on Thursday.

After a shaky first inning from starter Buchanan, LG’s Hong Chang-ki took advantage of a wild pitch to open the scoring and pinch runner Shin Min-jae came home on Austin’s single, giving Samsung two runs in the first inning alone.

Down 2-1, Samsung attacked in the fourth inning. Kang Min-ho, the No. 4 hitter, faced LG starter Lee Ji-gang at 3B 2S on a full count, and lifted a six-pitch 148-kilometer fastball over the left field fence. At the time of the hit, it looked like the angle of the pitch was too high, but Kang Min-ho’s aim worked. When Kang Min-ho entered the dugout after hitting the league’s 13th home run with a distance of 105 meters, manager Park Jin-man and senior Lee Byung-kyu gave him a thumbs-up.

The joy of tying the game was short-lived for Samsung, who gave up the lead in the next inning. In the seventh inning, Lee Jae-hyun tied the game again with an RBI single.

The game between Samsung and LG was unpredictable, as they went ahead, came back, and lost again. In the 8th inning, Kim Hyun-soo hit a come-from-behind solo home run to give the top-ranked LG its eighth straight win.

In the 8th inning, Samsung had one last chance. Two batters later, Ryu Ji-hyuk and Koo Ja-uk hit back-to-back singles to put runners on second and third. After the juniors created a late-game chance, Kang Min-ho, the No. 4 hitter, came through with a back-to-back RBI double.토토사이트

5-4, one run lead. In the ninth inning, Samsung’s closer Oh Seung-hwan took the mound, where a big hit could tie the game or turn it around.

Kang Min-ho, who had gone 2-for-4 with a home run, three RBIs, and one run as the No. 4 hitter through the eighth inning, and did his best against the No. 1 LG batting lineup while wearing heavy equipment in the sweltering heat, donned a catcher’s mask in the ninth inning.

Catcher Kang Min-ho and closer Oh Seung-hwan struck out leadoff hitter Moon Bo-kyung. Lee Jae-won then flied out to left field and pinch-hitter Park Dong-won grounded out to shortstop to secure the one-run victory.

Seniors Kang Min-ho and Oh Seung-hwan shared the victory with their younger counterparts as the 10th-ranked Samsung won a thrilling one-run game to end LG’s eight-game winning streak.

Coach Park Jin-man, who had been high-fiving each player as they entered the dugout, smiled broadly when Kang Min-ho caught his eye.

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