“A shameful senior in front of juniors, no more…” Taegeuk mark + championship in 8 years Jeong Jo-jun, the desperate reflection of Geopo right fielder

KBO League total 233 home runs, last season also shot 21 arches. However, a spot in the outfield for the national team is not easy.

The KIA Tigers team left for the 2023 season spring camp to be held in Tucson, USA via Incheon International Airport on the 30th.

KIA Na Seong-beom, whom I met before departure, was deeply moved. The 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) is the third Taegeuk mark for Na Seong-beom after the 2014 Incheon Asian Games and the 2015 Premier 12, and the first time in 8 years. It is also the first overseas spring camp after transferring to KIA.

Na Seong-beom said, “The national team is always an honorable place. Everyone wants to be selected, but not everyone can go because they want to go. I want to go every year, but I didn’t get selected.” I’m looking forward to it,” he said.

Tucson, his training ground, is a place he often visited during his NC Dinos days. For Na Seong-beom, who has to prepare for the league and WBC together, he has built his body in a more familiar place, even though it is overseas.

KIA is a young team. There are many juniors who need to be led by Na Seong-beom, who has risen to the ranks of free agents and veterans. Na Seong-beom emphasized, “I’m always open, but there are still a lot of juniors who are having a hard time. Anyone can come to me. I will help as much as I can.” 스포츠토토

He is a strong right fielder representing the KBO League and a geopo with one shot. He knocked on overseas advancement ahead of free agency, but it failed. How do you feel when you see Lee Jeong-hoo (Kiwoom Heroes), who won the league MVP, declare his overseas expansion?

“(Lee) Jung-hoo seems to be in a slightly different position from me… From my point of view, he is a really great player. There are many things to imitate. He improves every year. I feel proud when I see him. I don’t know which team he will go to, but I hope he gets treated well.”

Kim Hyun-soo, Park Hae-min, and Lee Jung-hoo are the most likely players in the outfield for the WBC national team. Na Seong-beom is in a situation where he has to win the starting position with one shot. Na Seong-beom said, “There are many major leaguers in the WBC, including Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels). I think it will be a good experience.” I plan to raise it in line with the competition,” he raised his voice.

In the wild card game last year, he became the culprit of being eliminated from fall baseball due to a painful mistake. “This year’s goal is, of course, winning. Last year, I became an embarrassing senior to juniors. If the opportunity comes again this year, I want to win with my own hands,” he repeatedly emphasized.

Is there any know-how to quickly adapt to jet lag after taking a long flight? Na Seong-beom laughed, saying, “I don’t have to stay awake. I sleep when I’m asleep, and I eat when I’m hungry. I always eat in-flight meals.”

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