“A player like a nightmare for opponents”… The only way to stop Lee Kang-in is ‘foul play’

It brought nightmares to the opposing team and joy to the fans. Lee Kang-in led the team to victory with agile offense and defense, receiving the highest rating.

This is reporter Choi Jong-hyeok.


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As if the ball were attached to his feet, he easily bypassed two defenders, and his sharp pass passed the defenders and led to a one-on-one chance in front of the goal.

One more player added and three people tried to fight, but he broke through with a few touches of the ball, lightly peeled off the fourth player who caught up with him, and accurately raised the cross.

Lee Kang-in succeeded in dribbling 9 times in this game, a record that came out in 14 years in Mallorca.

The only way to stop Lee Kang-in was through foul play.스포츠토토

Ugo Mayo, who had collided with Lee Kang-in throughout the game, was sent off due to accumulated warnings, and was even evaluated as “Lee Kang-in is a nightmare for Mayo.”

Lee Kang-in delivered a corner kick, a free kick, and a teammate’s head accurately, showing a different level of kick.

The defense, which was a relatively weak point, also became stronger.

The opening goal started with Lee Kang-in’s head, but the ball Lee Kang-in won in an aerial fight led to an attack and shook the net.

Fans responded to Lee Kang-in, who became the best player even without an offensive point, to stay in Mallorca and not to move to the English league.

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