A match one month ahead… In the vacancy of the command tower, only Hama Pyeong is silent

The first A-match week of the year for the national soccer team is approaching in a month.

With the names of famous foreign soccer players, including German soccer legend Klinsmann, appearing one after another as candidates for coaching, questions are growing about who will take the baton.

There is also a possibility that the appointment of a director will be later than planned.

This is reporter Kim Jong-seong.


The national soccer team is scheduled to play two consecutive matches against Colombia on the 24th and Uruguay on the 28th of next month.

However, Bento’s successor position is still vacant.

The evaluation match, which will be the debut match of the new command tower, is approaching in a month, but the news of the appointment of the manager has not yet come in. 먹튀검증

The faces of footballers who have contacted the association are known one by one through foreign media, and all of the people currently named are foreigners, not domestic leaders.

Reports that German football legend Klinsmann, who

was a star player and led the German and American teams, are discussing joining the national team, while some people publicly expressed their intention to reject the command tower proposal, such as Benitez, who led Liverpool and listened to “Big Year”. also came out.

In the soccer-related community, there are complaints from fans who have heard Hama-pyeong related to the national team command tower, and the Korea Football Association has received some unconfirmed reports.

The association said “nothing has been decided” regarding the appointment of a coach, and was extremely reticent when asked about candidates for coaching.

However, he added, “There is a possibility that the appointment process may be delayed beyond February and until early March.”

It is explained that the selection process will be completed before the 13th and 14th of next month, when the list of the national team for the A match is expected to be announced.

Soccer fans’ interest in the right person to lead the national team to the finals of the 11th consecutive World Cup is getting hotter.

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