2Q field goal success rate only 13%… Shaking Shinhan Bank, the command tower is also “burning” 

An important game was held in Changwon for the second place in the women’s professional basketball (WKBL). And Shinhan Bank, Incheon, the loser, had to cry in the ‘Nightmare 2nd Quarter’.

Shinhan Bank lost 61-73 in an away game against Busan BNK in the 6th round of Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball held at Changwon Indoor Gymnasium on the 19th.

Shinhan Bank, which was tied for second place before the game, fell to third place. In addition, as the number of rides with 4th place BNK was also reduced to 0.5 games, the ranking battle entered a situation where the future was unknown.

Both teams had already qualified for the playoffs, but the rankings were still undecided. Because of this, Shinhan Bank and BNK were fighting for 2nd place or avoiding 4th place.

Before the game, BNK coach Park Jeong-eun said, “Since the playoffs are confirmed, there is no anxiety about hitting from below.” Shinhan Bank coach Gunadan also said, “BNK also wants to come in 2nd or 3rd place, so it will be a war.”

Shinhan Bank’s will to catch the game was revealed from the beginning. Coach Koo used the operation time 1 minute and 35 seconds after the start of the game. As BNK took the lead in the early stages while being hit by Kim Han-byeol and Lee So-hee by 3 points, the flow was cut off.

In terms of content, Shinhan Bank continued to feel the tension by recording the score of the pursuit whenever BNK scored. Although they couldn’t stop BNK’s offense, they left the driving force to follow as they finished the first quarter with a 7-point lead. 메이저놀이터

However, in the second quarter, Shinhan Bank had to suffer from poor scoring power. After all of the first 5 field goal attempts were canceled, Lee Kyung-eun scored under the goal. However, even after that, Shinhan Bank’s goal was seldom broken. He created good attacking opportunities and even managed to get out even when he aimed accurately at the rim.

At one time, there was a moment when Shinhan Bank scored more free throws (3 points) than field goal goals (2 points). At least, Lee Hye-mi’s goal 52 seconds before the end of the quarter ended the bad trend, but the atmosphere that passed did not come back.

In the second quarter, Shinhan Bank scored only 7 points, and the field goal success rate was only 12.5% ​​(16 attempts, 2 successes). BNK also didn’t score a goal for a while after Kim Si-on and Ahn Hye-ji’s 3 consecutive runs in the beginning, but the success rate was 33%.

Shinhan Bank started chasing with Kim Ah-reum fighting hard only at the end of the game, but BNK had already taken a break by excluding a large number of key players. In the end, Shinhan Bank could not catch up and was defeated.

The command tower sighed at the disappointing performance. Coach Gunadan lowered his head after the game, saying, “Even if we lose, we shouldn’t lose like this, but it’s so bittersweet.” At the same time, he continued to say, “I’m sorry to the fans and I reflect as a professional.”

Coach Koo, who confessed that he was “burnt” about the poor attack power, said, “The daytime game has become poison. I have never practiced properly in the afternoon.” He continued, “I didn’t go in too much. I’m upset. The players will also be frustrated.”

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