23 billion FA, bitter comments toward juniors, “I didn’t want to see them cry without making an effort. If you cry, do it like crazy”

There is no other player in the LG Twins who has as much training as Hyun-soo Kim.

Kim Hyun-soo regrets that there are no juniors who work as hard as he does. He does not hesitate to openly snipe (?) his juniors. He nags and speaks bitterly because he has affection for his junior as much as he does.

On the 10th (hereafter Korean time), Kim Hyun-soo, whom I met at the spring camp in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, dissed (?) an affectionate junior without exception during the interview.

When he asked what he wanted to tell his juniors at the camp preparing for the season, Kim Hyun-soo poured out the dissatisfaction in his heart. 먹튀검증

“Try it. There is no gain without pain, so I hope you don’t think of pain as suffering. It’s basic to give one and receive one, but I’m not going to do that basic. So I’m a little sorry. I just want to get a little bit of pain and get that much happiness.”

With regret, a diss towards the juniors continued. Moon Bo-kyung, who had a decisive bunt failure last year when LG was eliminated from the playoffs, cried and blamed herself, and younger players said that the psychological shock was great.

Kim Hyun-soo said, “Kids these days are weak. so i feel bad you can cry It’s possible enough, but I’m not trying. It’s because you’re trying to get it without making any effort (bad results). It feels bad to cry without trying,” he said honestly.

He continued, “From what I’ve seen, I really try hard enough not to make mistakes, but I’m nervous and make mistakes. There’s no other young player I’ve seen like that. They make that kind of mistake because they’ve done that much. All players and Jaewon are the same, Crying during the interview (Moon Bo-kyung). I can’t relate to them. I cry because I did something. ‘You’ve done that all along’, I think. That’s why I feel bad,” he evaluated the juniors.

If so, was Kim Hyun-soo different when he was younger? he said confidently.

“I may have done that (I don’t work hard) in the eyes of my seniors, but I did 100 times more than the younger players here. I did it over 1000 times. I can say this with confidence.

That said, I’m not forcing the kids to do it. But even after experiencing a sad thing, I don’t want to do the same thing without thinking, and then cry again (with a bad result). If you cry then do it like crazy. Not even that. Then why is he crying, what is he crying for when he did that, what is it that he regrets about, when I see him doing that, there is nothing to regret.”

Kim Hyun-soo is taking Moon Bo-kyung with him for morning weights and individual batting training. He laughed and said, “I want to catch all of her juniors (let’s do it together), but I didn’t catch Moon Bo-kyung because she didn’t do it.”

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