2021 Korea Billiards Federation-Prospecs official supplier contract signed!

On the 18th, at the headquarters of Prospecs (LS Networks) located in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, there was a meeting with Chairman Park Bo-hwan and Prospecs (LS Nextworks) CEO Moon Seong-joon to commemorate the signing of the contract as an official supplier of the Korea Billiards Federation. 바카라사이트

Prospecs has been the official supplier of the Korea Billiards Federation since 2019, and as a result of its best efforts based on mutual trust and respect, even in a difficult year due to Corona 19, Prospecs, a national sports brand, will be sponsored by national team uniforms, referee suits, and shoes. It has been.

As the sports brand value of billiards has been recognized by signing a contract with the only domestic sports brand, we will continue to do our best to increase the value of billiards and expand the base!

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