‘2 consecutive 1st place’ Daebak IBK, coach Kim Ho-cheol chose Abercrombie… The road construction team of the winning team in the foreign tryout also laughed

Daewoon is following Hwaseong IBK Industrial Bank. In the Asian Quarter Draft, which was introduced for the first time, all clubs enjoyed the first place in an equal situation, and were given the first choice in the foreign player draft.

IBK Industrial Bank won first place overall in the 2023 Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) women’s foreign player tryout held in Istanbul, Turkey on the 13th (Korean time), and the American and Puerto Rico dual nationality Apposite Spiker Britney Abercrombie (28. 191 cm) was pulled out.

IBK, which finished 6th last season, sent free agent (FA) middle blocker Kim Su-ji to Incheon Heungkuk Life Insurance, but brought in Hwang Min-gyeong from Suwon Hyundai E&C and retained apologetic spiker Kim Hee-jin. Here, in the Asia Quarter Draft held last month, all clubs obtained first-place luck in the random lottery under the same conditions and got Thai national setter Phonpun Gerpard.

A good mood continues ahead of the season. On this day, the lottery was given a lot of marbles in reverse order of last season’s ranking. Industrial Bank of Korea had 30, but the lowest-ranking Gwangju Pepper Savings Bank had 35 more. GS Caltex in Seoul also had only five fewer than IBK.

But once again, Industrial Bank of Korea laughed. The first ball that came out of the lottery box belonged to Industrial Bank of Korea. Unable to hide his joy, IBK coach Kim Ho-cheol stepped up to the podium and chose Abercrombie without hesitation.

He said, “I thought about picking it before the tryout. I watched the video over and over again. I kept checking what I played for the national team last year, what I played in Turkiye this season, and what I played in Puerto Rico in the last five games.” It’s not, but I picked it according to our team.”

Even if it was a player I had in mind, I could have missed it if I was pushed out of the order, so I was even more happy. Coach Kim said, “I’m not a very good player physically,” but “Instead, I have a wide range of attacks and I have many advantages because I am left-handed. I bought that part highly. See you,” he said with anticipation.

His versatility is high in that he is a left-handed apogee spiker. Regarding breathing with the two setters Ha-kyung Kim and Phonpun, who will compete in good faith, coach Kim said, “Our play is in a situation where we have to play speed volleyball anyway, so we chose a player with an emphasis on it.” We picked players who could match well with the players.”

In this draft, in which 38 players, including 34 invited players and 4 existing players, were targeted, Abercrombie seems to have evaluated his ability more highly considering that he arrived in Istanbul only at dawn on the day of the draft.

Pepper Savings Bank, which won the second nomination, nominated Yasmin Bedart (27, USA). Yasmin, who played for Hyundai E&C last season, suffered a back injury, and after his departure, the team went downhill and failed to advance to the championship match.

Although there are still concerns about the aftermath of the injury and recurrence, Pepper chose ‘High List – High Return’.

Aachen manager Kim Pepper said, “I thought it would be helpful to have a V-League veteran in a young club entering the third year.” “No matter who you choose, the risk is the same. Yasmin is a veteran professional player and knows what to do.”스포츠토토

Yasmin said, “I wanted to go back to Korea after getting a back injury and knowing that I would recover. My spine has fully recovered and I am in the process of increasing my strength. I will be in good shape until I join the team.”

Heungkuk Life Insurance, number 3, had previously renewed the contract with Yelena Mrazenovich, and Daejeon KGC Ginseng Corporation, number 4, nominated outside heater Giovanna Malana (25, USA), who was evaluated as stable in both air and defense.

In the next order, Hyundai Engineering & Construction brought in Moma Basoko (30, 184 cm) from Cameroon, who played an active role at GS Caltex in Seoul for two seasons. GS Caltex, number 6, recruited Cuban apogeit Giselle Silva (32, 191 cm), and Expressway Corporation recruited Serbian apogeit spiker Banja Bukiric (24, 198 cm), respectively.

Although it was the last runner, Gimcheon Korea Expressway Corporation also smiled brightly. Bukirich, who received favorable reviews during this tryout, was asked about Bukirich, who was the tallest among the participating players, and coach Kim Jong-min said, “The player I thought of remained and it was the last, but I am very satisfied.” I chose it because it seemed to have a high possibility of growing into the next season, not just this season.”

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