‘156km/h’ two-handed pitcher “I don’t think it’s special”

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A ‘monster two-handed pitcher’ appeared in American college baseball.

It is not just a level of ‘throwing with both hands’, but it is exciting the American baseball world by showing tremendous real power.

This is reporter Jeon Hoon-chil.

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A pitcher on the mound with a unique hairstyle.

This is Juangelo Sanja’s college selection debut.

He struck out consecutively with a fastball at 154 km/h, and struck out again in the second inning with a sharp slider. 안전놀이터

But when a left-handed hitter appears…Suddenly but naturally, he changes his glove and transforms into a left-handed pitcher in an instant.

And he blocks it like it’s no big deal.

His best right hand velocity was 156 km/h, and he finished a successful debut with 4 scoreless innings and 7 strikeouts while recording 148 km/h with his left hand.

Born in the Netherlands in 2003, Seinja was originally left-handed, but when he was six years old, he followed his father and started throwing with his right hand… Now his right hand has developed more powerfully.

His favorite pitchers are also left and right.

[Sainja / Mississippi State University]
“As a left-handed pitcher, I like Clayton Kershaw, and as a right-handed pitcher, I like Marcus Stroman.”

There were also two-handed pitchers in the major leagues.

Pat Benditi, who played until 2020, is the main character.

However, Bendity was so slow that the average speed was less than 140 km…and he only participated in 61 games in 5 years, so it was nothing more than unique.

On the other hand, Seinja has been recognized for his power as a two-handed pitcher since high school, and was nominated by Milwaukee last year, but chose college instead of being a pro.

Sanja, who played shortstop in high school as a switch hitter, is now focusing on pitching.

[Sainja / Mississippi State University]
“I don’t think I’m more special than others. I just think I’m similar to others.”

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