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Now, all the process of going on to school has been completed. Some schools recruited the players they wanted, while others enrolled a large number of unexpected players. Introducing the current status of new students by university in 2023, which is of great interest to many amateur basketball fans.

There are players who are good enough to go on the college stage right away, but there are players who have the potential to grow in the future rather than immediately. Let’s pay attention to which player chose which university, so that school’s performance improved. 

Success in recruiting prospects across all positions has made him the

best choice without question. In the middle of the 2022 season, Yonsei University succeeded in recruiting most of the players it had seen for a long time, although recruiting was completely stopped due to coach Eun Hee-seok (Seoul Samsung) going professional.

Although there was some confusion on the first day of the announcement of admissions, not only scouting was completed smoothly in the subsequent process, but after fierce competition with rival Korea University, we received an application for admission from Samil Commercial High School Kang Ji-hoon (202cm, C).

The key to Yonsei University’s recruiting this season was height reinforcement.

Already in 2022, Lee Gyu-tae (198cm, FC) and Kim Bo-bae (203cm, C) were selected to reinforce the inside power, but Yonsei University, which had difficulties throughout the season due to the absence of an authentic big man, succeeded in recruiting Kang Ji-hoon from Samil Commercial High School after a tug-of-war with Korea University.

Kang Ji-hoon is the only authentic big man among the 3rd year high school big men, and his technique in the paint zone boasts a high degree of perfection. Not only is he fast for his height, but he is capable of both left and right undershoots, and has pivoting and field shooting skills.

Considering the strong Yonsei University player base, he may not be able to start as a starting player right away, but after adapting to the college stage, he will be a strong enough sixth man.

Hong Sang-min (201cm, FC) of Gyeongbok High School, who announced that he will go to Yonsei University early on, is also one of the players to look forward to.

He played as a big man in high school, but his playstyle, which is closer to that of a power forward, will find many uses. However, he needs technical supplementation to deal with players bigger than himself in the future, and the challenge is to improve his field shooting ability.

In the guard camp, Lee Chae-hyung (187cm, G), who played a big role as a point guard at the U18 Asian Games and Yongsan High School last season, was named.

As a point guard, Lee Chae-hyung has ball handling, guarding ability, and one-beat fast passing ability in fast-breaking situations, and since the middle of the 2022 season, Lee Chae-hyung has shown versatility by consistently making scoring opportunities given to him.

For the two selected forwards, Lee Joo-hyeong (189cm, F) from Daily High School and Lee Hae-sol (191cm, F) from Gwangshinbang Preliminary High School passed.

In the case of Lee Joo-young, who was considered a promising player since childhood, he showed better performances in international competitions than in domestic competitions, but his bold one-on-one attacks and accurate field goal skills will allow him to work well on the college stage.

Lee Hae-sol is also a player who does not miss out on the high school stage at least for his scoring ability, and is a player who will further solidify Yonsei University’s sixth man resources.

Recruitment of players with balance in position

Chung-Ang University, which has supplemented its strength with players who are not bad every year, has also accepted players who performed well on the high school stage as new members this season. In particular, he succeeded in making the paint zone more solid by accepting Im Dong-il (210cm, C), who was an unfinished substitute at Muryong High School in Ulsan, who was influential as Dankook’s acting manager until the middle of the season. 안전놀이터

At the time of application submission, many players who had considered going to Chung-Ang University eventually decided on their careers at Korea University, Yonsei University, and Sungkyunkwan University.

However, director Yang Hyung-seok was always relaxed. Coach Yang was able to watch the scouts at his leisure because players with high potential in all positions chose Chung-Ang University.

First of all, Jeonju-goo Hyung-woo (187cm, G), who was known for his triple-double maker in every game last season, was notified of passing the guard. No matter what the nickname says, Yoo Hyeong-woo, who has the ability to run the game, assist, and attack, is an invaluable resource for the central university, which has a low guard.

In addition, Yoo Jun-hyeok (189cm, GF) of Bae Jae-go, who has grown rapidly throughout the 2022 season, will also be a good choice. Yoo Jun-hyeok is a player with good athletic ability and spirit rather than technical perfection.

Kim Chul-min (180cm, G) from Muryong High School in Ulsan is a player who knows basketball. He is a fast-paced player with excellent ball handling skills.

Among the forwards, one to pay attention to is Kim Doo-jin (198cm, F) of Gyeongbok High School. Due to an injury in high school, he couldn’t show his abilities properly, but he is capable of attacking from anywhere inside and outside, and his rebounding and defensive skills are decent.

Along with this, Songdo High School’s Lee Yoon-no (188cm, F) is short, but has the ability to occupy a spot on the court depending on his growth.

Im Dong-il of Muryong High School in Ulsan, who boasts a height of 210cm, is not at the level where he can compete right away, considering only his skills. In high school, he was overshadowed by his junior, Lee Do-yoon (201cm, C), and did not have much time to play, but he showed growth in each competition.

For this reason, if he gains more experience on the college stage and adapts to the defense, he will become a big man who can fully demonstrate his height and strength on the court.

In addition to them, Lee Kyung-min (185cm, G) of Gyeongbok High School and Lim Jeong-ho (195cm, FC) of Naksaeng High School also joined the Blue Dragon Corps.

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